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Published: 17th November 2010
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The Then and Now of Pedal Pushers
How did pedal pushers come about and what made them gain so much notoriety? Whether or not your were their biggest fan or though they were hideous, they are coming back stronger than ever.So what was the need for designing them? Who thought of making women's pants only knee-length? Why have they been a maintained their presence throughout the years?

Pedal pushers were initially created for cyclist who wanted something more than shorts but didn't want to wear pants that would get stuck in the bicycle's gears. This caused the idea for creating "short-long" pants. During the 50's cycling was on a boom both in sports and in recreation, so pedal pushers were designed for cyclist, especially women riders, who were accustomed to wearing dresses.

Over the years, pedal pushers aqcuired several different names. The different names were also known as motor scooter slacks, toreador pants and clam diggers. They have also evolved into several variations of short, but not-quite-long pants. The most commonly recognized version today of pedal pushers are capris. Eurpean fashion designer Sonja de Lennart was credited with being the creator for capris in 1948. However, capris typically go ankle, whereas pedal pushers stop at the knees. They were inspired by the Italian island of Capri.

The reason pedal pushers have been able to last throughout the years are mainly due to their functionality. Unlike capris, pedal pushers only go down to the knees, ending right where the knee begins. This creates a greater range of motion for not only cyclist but anyone who wants something longer than shorts and still has the freedom of movement of shorts. There are a plethora of different materials that pedal pushers are made with. The more popular styles tend to be created from a jean material. They have evolved to include a wide variety of patterns and designs, officially sealing their place among essential and timeless articles of women's clothing.

Audrey Hepburn was on of the first women to wear pedal pushers within the movie world. After pedal pushers started to become a staple to the womens wardrobe, they were worn in more settings besides cycling. Hepburn promoted pedal pusher while cycling and sailing in her movie roles. Hepburn was also known for sporting capris, the evolution of pedal pushers in her movies as well. With such a the radiant personality, Hepburn almost single handedly created a demand for pedal pushers.

The resurgence ofpedal pushershas led to many clothing lines to creating their own version of yesterday's pedal pushers. They are a great bottom for any warm occassion blending the best worlds of shorts and pants. Pedal pushers are a great thing to have in your wardrobe, so consider purchasing a pair today.

Joanna loves wearing pedal pushers everyday.

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